A List of the Best Coffeemakers That Shine

Coffee making is an art form that you need to learn if you are a coffee fanatic. When shopping around, it never hurts to buy coffee makers with shiny outer covering designs. You will like a professional when making your own coffee, at home, for a fraction of the price at which you would buy it otherwise.

Below is a list of the best coffeemaker that shines.

1. The KRUPS KT silver art collection Thermal carafe coffee maker

The thermal carafe coffee maker from KRUPS is a great choice as far as shiny coffeemakers are concerned. This product has a steel and chrome outer-covering design. The coffee maker makes 10 cups and can keep your drink warm for hours on end. To make matters even better, the windows have a water level indicator that shows you when the coffee maker needs refilling. You can drink as much coffee as you want and never run out as long as you pay attention to the indicator. What more could you ask for?

2. The Brunopasso PD-1 Espresso Machine

Do you love sports cars? Well, you can combine your love of sports cars and coffee by buying the PD-1 Espresso machine from Brunopasso. This is one of the best rated coffee makers and was designed to feel like a sports car. It even has an RPM gauge at the front. The shiny paint job on the product does not hurt either.

3. The La Cafetière Nouveau Classic

If you want your coffee to retain its purity when you drink it, then the La Cafetière Nouveau classic, a British design should be high on your list of priorities when shopping. This coffeemaker is very elegant. Its shiny quality comes from stainless steel as well as the chrome plating. You can make up to 8 cups of coffee- enough for a whole family.

4. The Bodum Columbia Stainless steel Thermal coffee press

The Bodum Columbia Stainless steel thermal coffee press is a very simple design, which places emphasis on curves. This coffee maker enables you to make a quick cup of coffee easily. The shiny factor comes from stainless steel, a material that can withstand the test of time very well. To make matters even better, the coffee press does not come with any breakable parts. You can find this coffee maker in 4-cup, 8-cup, and 12-cup sizes.

5. Nespresso Essenza D90

If you are looking for a shiny but interesting coffee maker then the Nespresso Essenza D90 is a good place to start. This product is available in a number of colors, with the silver finish being the best option for lovers of all things shiny. The coffee maker has curves and is designed in a capsule-like form. This design ensures that you make a perfect cup of espresso.

6. Miele built-in coffee maker

If you are looking to establish a coffee-brewing tradition in your home, then the Miele built-in coffee maker is a great option. This coffee maker comes in a large shiny package that makes it look good in any kitchen. It also comes with a storage drawer for your mugs and grounds as well as a cappuccinatore jug for your frothing milk. What more could a coffee fanatic ask for?